Welcome to A Sewgramy Creation.  

My name is Yvonne Tolley and I make
speciality, high quality clothing for small
pupsters of all breeds.  I hand knit sweaters
and hats as well.

I am the proud mother of five human sons, but
I LOVE to make frilly and pretty things.  My
mother, a seamstress by trade, taught me to
sew from the time I was a small girl.  
I learned to knit in the '60's.

I currently have a houseful of yorkies and one
Maltese, but I have had everything from Chi's
to Rotties and they all love to dress up.....
Well Maxx wouldn't wear the pretty things so I
do make a few handsome items for the boys.
My sister and I live together and she had
Shelby, a cavalier/lhasa mix who is the best
model in our house.
All the items you find on these pages are
designed and made personally by me.  I make
clothes to accommodate your dogs
measurements so the porky yorkies and the
skinny minnies can be beautiful all year
round.  All are completely guaranteed to be
made to your specific sizes.

They are not human but do bring out the
humanity in all of us.  Such is the life of the
yorkie. These little heartbeats at my feet.
This site is owned and hosted by Yvonnesyorkies.com   All materials
appearing on this site, including the  images, graphics, text, site
design, logos,  as well as the selection,assembly and arrangement
thereof, are the sole property of  Yvonnesyorkies.com

Copyright © 2007-2011
If you want a leash to match any
outfit, let me know and I will send
the material to Carole and she will
make a matching leash.  You can
see her work by clicking on this
Dogs in Style Designs link.